A Mid-Length Rant on Apple’s Portrait Mode

Average out and about shots from last weekend with Portrait Mode

We need to talk about Portrait mode. I got the iPhone 7 Plus because I’m that guy… I will always purchase the biggest/best option. Marni, my wife, got the standard iPhone 7. If she had any idea the difference in camera quality it would’ve been a no-brainer to get the 7 Plus. Regardless of the size you prefer or the cost, if you care about photos, Portrait mode is an entirely different beast that makes the 7 Plus worth the expense.

For those who don’t know, portrait mode takes advantage of the dual iPhone 7 Plus cameras to effectively take a shot with wide aperture and telephoto separation.

I’ve got a lot of camera gear: DSLRs, mirrorless, action cameras etc. it’s always been complicated to decide on the best gear for travel and taking family pictures. Over the course of the last few months, the iPhone Portrait mode has replaced them all.

Yes, it definitely has its restrictions; many types of normal light indoors just isn’t enough, but it does what most cameras market to you to be able to do (but don’t actually do). It takes an amateur and lets them quickly take an amazing photo without needing any technical knowledge or skill set beyond framing.

My wife has turned pro ;)

Another plus side: my wife has turned into quite the photographer and all of our family photos feel professional. Even when I’m toting a DSLR with nice glass, that same professionalism requires time in camera and in Lightroom, and we can now both get a high percentage of the way there just on mobile. Only one or two photos on this page has even been through any editing app.

Best of all this feature is only in beta. Apple understands its restrictions and is hopefully looking towards solving them. For my needs right now, especially when it comes to family and everyday use, the time has finally come where my phone has replaced my handheld camera.

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