Welcome all!!!

So after a drunken Facebook post that got a lot of positive feedback, I have decided to take the jump and start a blog. This first little blog post will be an introduction to me and what to expect.

My name is Orion McCormack. No my parent’s weren’t hippies, but my dad has an obsession with space, and Star Trek. For the purpose of this blog I won’t need to give too much information just know I love to write, and have opinions on a lot of topics. If a topic that I write about is very important to me, I can promise you’ll learn a lot more from that post than I could put down in this one.

As far as expectations go. I plan on doing a post at least once weekly. I promise to try my darndest to make these posts as PG as possible but if the topic calls for it I’ll warn ahead of time. If I post anything that offends you before reaching out to me, which I highly encourage, ask yourself if I offended your beliefs OR did I offend many. While I will strive to be as fair as possible to all readers I will talk on some controversial topics. If what I say goes against your beliefs and you want to have a rational conversation hit me up, but I ask that if for any reason my writing comes across as being completely insensitive PLEASE let me know. It will never be my intention. Last but not least I want to thank everyone who gave me encouragement in this. It’s a small endeavor to many, but for me I am tackling extreme anxiety and self esteem in doing this. Having your support was the only way this was ever going to happen.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and I will probably have an actual post up within the next few days!