Where is the one,

who makes me smile;

in surrender,

whose lips could scout

the world of pouts;

and yet stand out?

Where is the outstanding one-

of lovely character?

Where is the one

with feather hands

and silver ears and ebony legs-

joined to feet of quartzite,

rhyolite and granite?

Where is the one

whose beauty radiates

in and around peace unparalleled,

purity and tranquility.

Where is , and I testify,

the one whose fragrance

is like frankincense;

long lasting and replenishing?

Where is the honey- filled

and chocolate flavored one-

the dancing one,

with the not so prancing gait?

Where is the one I asked to be led to

and with me in faith?

Come soon, it won’t be late-

when we would waltz as one

in a jolly and merry gait!

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