Step 1:
Send the amount of BNB you want to commit to the BEP20 address below (Minimum 1BNB, Maximum 20BNB)


Step 2:
Copy the transaction hash and paste on the google form below along side your receiving BEP20 address — 

Step 3:
Submit the form

You will receive your $OREO tokens at launch based on the vesting mechanism of the private sale.

Still have issues with this?
Feel free to ask in the telegram channel via the link below

We would be glad to assist.

Note: All funds are to be sent to only this address: 0x026154e66E0b7Ebf8d5bF82FcddcA4059715abDF

Warning‼️Do not send funds to any other address apart from the one above. Cross check before proceeding to send your BNB.

OreoSwap TEAM


It’s pleasing to have me address us today on what appears to be playing out as a soon distruption for traditional investment settings via digitalization of asset investments and the future for digitalization of specific investment asset class in the next decades.


Finally, our long anticipated whitelist for presale investors is finally out! As a first procedure for Oreo token sales, we have opened access for whitelisting of interested investors starting from November 1st, 2021.The entire team are extremely happy to finally roll the opportunity out to interested investors.

The form is…


AMM, Liquidity, Farming And Staking On Binance Smart Chain

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