25 HP / 30 HP Yanmar Boat Engine — Used Yanmar Boat Engines for Sale Used Yanmar 3JH25A Boat Engine Yanmar Inboard Diesel Engine Available in stock and for sale Subjected to being unsoldYanmar Boat Engine Used for SaleDetails of the available boat engine as belowMake : YanmarType : 3JH 25AOutPut : 25 HPStart : ElectricExhaust : WetCooling : Fresh WaterInterested buyer do contact us for more details The engines are removed from life boats at ship recycling yards. The available Yanmar Boat Engine are with Transmission / GearboxYanmar Boat EngineManufactured by: YanmarModel: 25 HP Boat EngineProduct ID: Yanmar 25HP5 based on 20 reviews$4500 Used

25 HP / 30 HP Yanmar Boat Engine
 Yanmar 3JH25A used boat engine with gearbox for sale, aksi available 30 HP Yanmar Boat Engine

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