Hello pretty,
I'm priceless and I want to talk to you as a friend.
Listen to me!
No man/guy/boy is worth taking an Oath (blood, water, padlock etc) with. You're at the most vulnerable stage of your life and the decision(s) you make today will have its consequence(s) impacted on your life positively or negatively for a lifetime.
You think you're in love?
My dear your hormones are seriously working over time ni
Your heart oscillates 70 emotional pendulum in 5 seconds whenever you're with that special someone.

Oh Yeah!!
You're so beautiful,
You look pink
You're grown
You slay
You're bae
Finer than Beyonce
Curvy than Kim
Your lips can pout better than Angelina Jolie's.

Your special someone is mesmerizing you with sweet words, buying you gifts and boom! sweeps you off your feet.
He says "I can't afford to loose you to anyone, if you truly love me, let's take an oath, it won't hurt!! just a drop of blood/drink water/press a padlock together, say a few words and that's all".

Hold on girl!!
Call a conference meeting with your mental faculty, you're about to shortchange yourself.
Why do you want to be a slave early in life? You'll look back in 5years time biting your fingers.
I'm not even interested in the spiritual implications of oaths, Nollywood has dramatized it enough, let me tell you something else.

See ehen!!!
You just finished secondary school/you're a jambite/you're in year one... and not yet exposed, you haven't seen past your nose, you're not fully grounded in the matters of the heart, by the way, you should be busy channeling all of your resourceful energies into building a career for yourself at this prime time of your life, however if you think you can master your emotions and combine both, the choice is yours.

Love is like a sim card,
It functions only when inserted into a smart device, and it can function on any device from Nokia 3310 to IPhone, so don't let anyone deceive you that you're specially designed from heaven just for them, as a matter of fact, God has stopped allocating spouses to people from heaven, Adam blamed God for allocating Eve to him when they ate the forbidden fruit ( was the woman you gave to me...)
God now said he who FINDS a wife....
So you see, no more allocations, you have to find.

Anyone trying to talk you into taking an oath(blood, water, padlock, etc) does not deserve you, they know that you're 'too much for them, they're inferior to you and want to cage you at all cost.
You're a young girl putting your sim card into a Nokia 3310 right now, 
you don't want to be offered an IPHONE later on and can't accept because your sim card has been glued to the sim space on a Nokia 3310 and can't come out.

95% of early life relationships don't end in marriage, there are bigger and better fishes in the sea, don't throw away your fishing net for catching a bonga fish in your village stream.

When I was a teenager, there was this boy that was chikin me that my father chased away like a rat, I bumped into him some years back, and discovered we are worlds apart, for a moment I thought to myself, how did this boy even have the guts and courage to talk to me sef? Hian!!! What if I had taken him serious ?
Whenever my father saw a guy around me(his daughter), he'd be like, "is this your own Abuja and America? 😂😂😂 
My highlife father!!

So you see!
My dear friend, don't take those local champions serious, to the extent of taking an oath, you'll wake up someday to realize you're an international asset. 
Put so much effort in being a better person, build your career, get exposed and a man befitting your class, grace and glamour would turn up.


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