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A little bit over a week ago, I received an invitation from Google to come along on a week-long road trip through Portugal, facilitating Cloud Study Jams and maybe delivering a talk here and there. I couldn't pass on the opportunity and jumped on board!

A couple days later I was landing in Lisbon, where I was joined by my friend Abdallah Abedraba (@aabedraba on Twitter). After having trouble finding a place to grab a bite late at night on a Monday and cruising trying to get a parking spot in Lisbon (which proved imposible) we crashed hard.

Next morning…

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Shiny first batch of 15 kits. Lovingly hand-crafted. Well, and laser-etched.

This summer I worked on a talk about IoT projects and how to control them using the Google Assistant via Actions on Google. Both topics working together are fascinating and really make me feel like we live in the future. “Hey Google! Turn on the lights!”. And it works! I can’t get over it.

My Internet of Things journey started with an expensive Arduino kit circa 2011. Back then I didn’t even know what IoT was bringin to the table. To me, it was all about the electronics, the gadgets, lights, switches. …

El 16 de Diciembre de 2017 celebramos el primer Google Developer Groups DevFest en Galicia. Contamos con speakers de Google, IBM Research y empresas locales como Optare Solutions. Este es el resumen de la jornada.

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En marcha

Después de recoger las acreditaciones la sala se fue llenando y dio comienzo la charla de bienvenida. Tras solventar algunos problemas técnicos con el proyector, los micrófonos y la calefacción (¡que frío!), el #DevFestGal estaba en marcha.

Or how I almost burnt myself by taking on too many things at once.

Two weeks ago I was fully depleted of energy, laying on bed with a jumbo-sized headache. Thinking about my list of commitments made me anxious.

My life is ruled by the almighty Google Calendar. I plan everything around it. If something’s not there, it doesn’t exist. Or it does in the back of my mind, making me scared of forgetting about it until I write it down on my calendar where I can find a time to deal with it.

I thought I was doing great, but when April started and I looked at the calendar I new I had…

— I had to get a new mobile phone, because of the broken window effect.

— Nice. What did you get? The new Nexus…? wait, what? ‘The heck is the “broken window” effect?

— Okay, I promise this makes sense. Let me tell you about the the theory and then I’ll tell you what happened to my old mobile phone.

The broken window effect

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You might have heard about this before, for example in Caring about coding on the 8th Light blog.

Introduced in 1982 by James Q. Wilson and George L. the Broken windows theory can be put into context pretty easily.


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Noa Orizales delivering the first talk: How to get out of The Matrix (i.e.: working remotely)

After spending the last couple of years trying my hand at public speaking, helping out at local user groups, founding one, and saying yes to too many requests, I hosted my first 100+ people conference.

Since I kind-of-moved to Galicia (see Where do you spend the most time?) a few months ago, I’ve been trying to get into the local community. Galicia is a geographically difficult region with low population density where small events get very few attendants.

The premise

Mariel and Vanesa (previous GDG Vigo organisers and Tech & Ladies’) members, approached David an I about putting up a…

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Think about it. Make a list of the top five places.

Just like you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, you are the average of the 5 places where you spend the most TIME.

When I got this quote from @noahkagan’s mailing list I realised there was something deeply wrong with what I was doing.

During 2015, the places where I spent the most time did n0t include my family:

  • Work, in a basement with no windows. Communication at the company wasn’t great and expectations weren’t met. We parted ways in July.
  • Home…

I’ve just come back from a trip to attend Codemotion Madrid 2015. This was my first time at a Codemotion conference so I didn’t know what to expect. I already had an idea of how I wanted to spend my time: I wanted to catch up with friends and go out for lunch or dinner together. I also wanted to meet new people.

2016 Barcelona will be hosting another Codemotion conference. I’m active in the community here so I’d like to be involved in it. I wanted to learn from Codemotion Madrid, I and was paying extra attention to the…

This a continuation of a previous post, Starting up.

The next day at work I told them I was quitting and gave them my two weeks notice. Since the guy they had brought in to help out with the dev. tasks hadn’t signed any contract, they were a bit more than worried. They offered him my position and salary, he accepted, and I filled him on my duties.

A week later most of the projects I had worked on were already in the hands of the new guy, and all the new tasks were already being assigned to him, burying…

I love the software development scene. I like to participate and thrive within different platforms, tools, languages.

Nowadays it’s complicated to stay up to date in multiple fronts, so regular user group meetings and conferences are a great way to check what the rest of the world is up to. Thess can give you insight into adoption tendencies and provide you with a lot of valuable pointers and tips that would take an enormous amount of time to learn by yourself.

This meetings and conferences can act as a filter, but that can be dangerous as well. You could be…

Orestes Carracedo

Remote Software Developer. Co-founder Lighthorse, Navigo.

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