If we filter out blockchain misunderstanding, whatever remains is quite reasonable, if baroque in…
Harper Pollock


Thank you for your carefully considered comment, which I appreciate and understand. I am interested to hear more about what you refer to as blockchain misunderstanding (in case I am mistaken in my own understanding of the bitcoin blockchain, and I wish to learn rather than presume knowledge).

I agree with your comment in general, and it is sensible to me. There is certainly far more at play than my essay can encompass, and it is focused on specific concerns, i.e.: processes that run humans while appearing to be valuable… in simple terms: when our tools take over our lives or future.

Admittedly, I find capitalism both a reasonable child of extreme resource availability (earth has long been a living paradise), but a deadly game once the basis of life (the ecologies) are thoroughly compromised. In the endgame, it appears that meta-predators will use scarcity and crisis for profit — and thus impose scarcity and invent crises for this purpose.

I am looking forward to learning together.