Why the Great Glitch of July 8th Should Scare You
Zeynep Tufekci

Nicely done. I’ve been in the industry, mostly as a tech, since the early 1980’s. I worked in San Francisco during each of the bubbles.

What I want to say about this is that it is not merely the story of software; what you have done is chosen a spoke on the wheel of modern human orientation, activity, and context. Or worse still, much of human history — yet I do not suggest this is our nature so much as our habit or a peculiar… vulnerability.

But what you are telling is the story of everything, and, most fundamentally — our actual relationships with language, social structures, knowledge, science, religion, and consciousness itself.

This is the story of everything. And I mean everything.

And all of it is horribly wrong, and nearly completely broken. Origin to meltdown. The reason is relatively simple: we race forward into structures and techniques that we have not developed the human or social intelligence to survive, let alone understand. This results in a triage forward orientation.

I mean, we’re actually fairly poorly trained with… language and relating with knowledge… in general. Much of what passes for communication… isn’t anymore.

What’s the actual result of that?

From the top down of every structure we endow, it generates waves of damage, impoverishment, inhibition and abject misapprehension. These become principles, corporations, nations, monopolies, tyrannies… and then… apocalypses. The first victim is the planet, the second human lives, intelligence and futures.

But as regards software? It’s really the same as medicine, democracy, or even the difference between intelligence and all that mimics and counterfeits it. The threat is not terrorists.

It’s our ‘triage as business as usual’ methods. In medicine. Language. Relationships. Business. Ecology.

It is the fact that ‘we’ became a fiction of language about 50 years ago, and we have not even noticed this. Yet.


And that is precisely the perfect opportunity to do almost anything else. For example, immediately establish intelligent human collectives that operate outside any specific culture, framework or imperative… and can thus set, discover and correct their own. This project is more urgent than any possible technology, because if we cannot become authentically intelligent, now, together… we will become and continue to inherit results that are both absurd and absolutely unsurvivable.

And their costs explode over even modest amounts of time for a simple reason: circa 2015? 60 minutes on Earth is 800,000 years of human experience, activity, confusion, consumption, conflict, suffering… or…

intelligence in and as relation.

We decide. Now. For history and the future.

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