You make some excellent points Darin, yet without a contrast to the huge environmental and social…
Rolf von Behrens


My thanks for your carefully considered response, which is both correct and very useful. The essay needs editing, and frankly, I never really expected it to be widely read.

The points you make are clear and proper, in my view, and I will learn from them, and, perhaps, in time, edit the essay to take them into account.

I admit that my point of concern is processes that run human beings and thus their relationships with power, ecologies, and the history and future of life on Earth. I am perhaps overly concerned when I see something arise that acquires profound quantities of attention and resources, while returning (what seems to me) very little or mostly damage.

Do we live in an age where the data we produce will become more valuable to our societies and governments than our own lives?

This is the vector of my concern, and in many cases, the answer is already yes.

I reiterate my gratitude for your thoughtful and concise comment.