Hi Darin,
Lou Barghest

The problem is the origins of wealth (at least, for me). Perhaps it is not always true, but ‘profits’ are taken from something being lost or destroyed (at least with great regularity).

In our generation, we are erasing the conserved ecological and relational complexity not only of the Earth itself (and its atmosphere), but of human history and accomplishment. What is the purpose of this erasure? Profit. Primarily by corporations, but also by individuals.

So damage done to the entire history and work of life on Earth, can be abstracted into dollars. Meanwhile, the people and ecologies that take the damage, simply become, for the most part, more severely compromised. Or they disappear.

What is money? It’s a question that has no specific answer, for its identity is linked to context and purposive relation. But if we go after a general answer, one that I feel is useful is the one I have emphasized here: the result of cached damage imposed on peoples, ecologies and the history and future of life on Earth. This is not the only answer; but it may be a crucial perspective for us to play with and learn from together, and that is my hope…