Why I (often) Love Medium
Jason Smith

Yes, yes, it’s all well and good that a new author is born. And maybe Medium was instrumental in that for you. I think you failed to notice that my post wasn’t really about whether or not my work is getting seen, rather, that the actual system regularly fails to do things even facebook’s new rip-off does easily, and actually ruins things I upload to it. For example — inverting black to white in .jpeg files? I mean, how does one manage to mess up posting a .jpeg?

I feel that it’s rather disingenuous to reframe my essay as a complaint about something I am responsible for — the quality or power of my own writing — when my actual concerns are pragmatic and demonstrable. While your reply is fashionably ‘rebellious’, your tone demonstrates an epicaricacy of purposive origin that I hope you may find reason to curb as you develop as an author — or at least direct toward more appropriate targets. I certainly didn’t write that essay to complain that bad old Medium failed to make me famous. It simply succeeds too easily in failing to simply allow me to write or post.

Note: I have just attempted to unkey the italics here (Command-I on OS X), and it failed. Six times. I had to give up. Medium changed what I would have wrote by simply failing to be a functional processor of basic text features.

During an attempted edit, many other fascinating failures occurred, including a link expanding to text it was not associated with, other failures of formatting, and a sense that I was actually in combat with an interface (it just failed to unkey italics again). It wasn’t as if I was doing anything that facebook’s new knock-off doesn’t easily, perfectly, and instantly — without any failures whatsoever. We are talking about things that the simplest word processor was doing perfectly in 1985. Without screwing it — or me, up — for example, responding correctly to keystrokes that change formatting from plain to italic.

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