Our Quarter Check-In with Ian

Today was a quarter check-in. Meaning each team had to present where in the process are they, where they’ve already been and where are they going. Since all of us are constantly talking to each other, everyone was relaxed but Ian. He only joined us last week, so he missed quite a bit and wanted to understand each teams process better.

In the morning our team crafted a hand — written presentation because slides are so last century! We had our vision stated, the crazy pivoting process, the biggest findings from talking to real people out there and what are our next steps to be:

While presenting each team member was helping each other, i.e finishing lines for one another, which is really sweet. Ian seemed to be pleased with the process of ours as well as our findings. He suggested we should look for cookie monster custumers more, because next steps are going to require their participation. Also he wanted to have a closer look at the survey blast but we did not prepare it for his vuewing unfortunately. All in all he told us that it is great we are sticking to our vision and trying to find a market segment fit for it.

So as for now we are waiting for the survey responses. We are going to study those tomorrow, Friday the 12th, and hopefully we will have the biggest pain point of internal mentor-mentee relationship in our hands. We were planning that if it will be like that, on the weekend we would craft persona and custumer journey, so on monday we would start ideating on possible solutions.

Our team also acquired yet another title: GAP (Gabriel Alvina Polina). That’s important.

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