Your travel habits determine how sustainable our products are

Travelling has never been more convenient. Fast check-ins, real-time information on bookings and rental options and grabbing a meal on the go has never been easier. But one thing has stayed the same for way too long: our luggage and how heavy it is.

Travel essentials.

Traveling for one week usually means seven pairs of boxers, socks and T-shirts, and washing it all when you return back home. Heavy luggage is not only bad for the environment when flying, it’s bad for your back and shoulders when you’re carrying it and a burden for the time and water bill when you throw it in the washing machine when you get back home.

Innovating new products is about the courage to rethink things that seem totally fixed and unchangeable. When developing SilverTech, we asked ourselves why heavy luggage had to be so inconvenient? But now that we’ve developed our SilverTech line that, due to the silver thread, needs less washing and takes less space when traveling, our next sustainable challenge is clear. Because even though our products are made sustainably, we’ve no guarantee that they’ll be used sustainably.

Our SilverTech products needs less washing and thereby takes less space when traveling.

A commitment to you and our planet. To call ourselves a sustainable brand, we must commit to a responsibility for our products even when they’re no longer in our hands but in the hands of the customers. We feel committed to inform and remind our SilverTech customers about how their products can be used in the most sustainable way possible without compromising comfort or hygiene. How do you travel more sustainably with SilverTech? We’ll show you. And that’s why we value staying in touch with you so much.

For us, it takes more than sustainable development of a sustainable product to be a sustainable brand. It might sound like a cliché, but we have a responsibility to provide advice on how to travel sustainably for the sake of our planet. Because we believe that the more brands who dare to take these kinds of commitments, the more sustainable we’ll all be as consumers.

See you on the green side!

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