Fresh milk delivery for every household

Milk is one health drink that is incredibly nutritious and is considered to be one of the most essential commodities across the globe. There are bountiful benefits of farm fresh milk and continuous intake of cow’s milk can curb several health related disorders. It has substantial protein content in it that ensures balanced growth and development. This is perhaps the reason why athletes and fitness freaks make it their staple diet.

Besides, milk in the raw form, the products that are attained from the processing of the liquid are also very nutritious. You can get dairy items like cheese, butter, curd, ghee, etc. from the processing of milk. It is also used in the preparation of some sweets and dishes. These items are bought and sold worldwide. To feed the growing population, the milk production has substantially increased over the years. There are several milk brands in India that are taking steps to distribute their items across the nation to avoid any scarcity. These brands have adopted all the latest and new methods to improve the production rate in the country. Each of them has their own farms where they raise the cattle that deliver quality products.

Have you ever pondered what the status of the dairy industry in India is? As per the reports published in 2015, in the year 2014–15 the country produced about 147 million tons of the white liquid and with that India became the highest milk producer in the world. Each year new brands join the race to cater to the demand of fresh milk delivery across the nation and together they mint about 3 lakh crore rupees annually. Besides raw cow milk, even buffalo milk has a major chunk in the Indian milk production. A lot of brands are today processing the buffalo variant of the liquid to cater to the needs of the growing population.

Do you think that milk that you get from all these top brands is fresh and pure? Certainly not! They mix several additives that hamper the quality of milk. Moreover some chemicals and pesticides are also mixed in the grass which is eaten by the cow. Aren’t these pesticides coming in our body indirectly? Largely nobody can restrict the processing and pasteurisation of the milk. It is at the will of the consumer to choose the brand of the milk with due wisdom. There are companies like Pride of Cow that are still supplying unprocessed and unadulterated farm fresh milk. When we all are aware of the benefits of fresh milk, why compromise with the adulterated milk?