Nutrients in milk that are healthy for you

Nutrition is an important aspect that the human body requires in adequate quantities to remain strong and healthy. Milk is one of the most commonly consumed drink around the world and is said to deliver a number of benefits to the human body.

The consumption of milk and dairy products is said to provide a number of benefits. Research studies show that milk and dairy products are great sources of energy and nourish the body with calcium, phosphorous, proteins and magnesium, all of which are essential for the maintenance and development of bones and teeth. Conditions such as osteoporosis, brittle bones disorders and a number of other health ailments can be kept at bay with the consumption of milk. Nutrients in milk include Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous amongst others. Consumption of milk is also said to aid in lowering the risks of obesity and keeps the body well hydrated.

Conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels are said to be well controlled with the consumption of milk along with lots of fruits and vegetables and a low salt diet. Adulteration in the dairy industry is one of the most common problems. The motive to earn higher commercial gains has led to the adoption of unethical and unhealthy practices. A number of milk farmers and manufacturers inject hormones like oxytocin into cows in order to increase the supply of cow’s milk. However, this chemical produces ill effects for the cow as well as for the person consuming such milk. It is therefore important to switch to organic fresh cow milk.

These days, a number of milk manufacturers rear cows on farms, where the cows are left free and graze on fresh green grass which helps to improve the quality of the milk. These cows produce milk containing nutrients including CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids and Selenium amongst others which are extremely healthy for the human body. They are also said to contain beta carotene which is vital for a healthy body and healthy skin.

Therefore, as it is seen from above, it can be said that the benefits of milk are numerous and quite important for the human body in order to sustain a healthy life.