Why is the milk from the fresh milk delivery the best?

One of the most quintessential requirements in our daily diet is Milk. The fresh cow milk has a number of nutrients and different health benefits that makes its consumption imperative. The milk of the cow has a substantial degree of protein in it. Protein as we all know ensures proper growth and muscle development. Haven’t heard about athletes, wrestlers and body builders, relying solely on milk?

Besides, adequate muscle development, milk also promotes bone development. Milk is rich in calcium and calcium is necessary for proper bone and teeth development. Remember as kids, our parents stressed so much on milk consumption? Not only organic cow milk but the milk products like cheese, butter, curd, yogurt and the sweets and dishes that have milk in it are considered to be healthy. Such milk products are bought and sold not only in India but all across the globe.

Indian population is growing and in order to cater to the needs of the growing population, a bulk milk production is necessary. It is true that the amount of milk produced in India is enough to feed the entire Indian households however, despite that the milk producers use unfair practices to promote their brand over the brands of other milk producers. So, who do the consumers trust?

We are not saying that all the producers are lying to you. Well that’s just not possible too. But the consumers should always opt for fresh milk delivery. Now, how do the consumers ascertain whether the milk is fresh or not? For the consumers to be able to judge that, they have to be really watchful. Ensure that the milk that you consume is attained from the cow’s that feed on the pasture lands that are never treated with any form of pesticides. Pesticides are usually mixed with the soil so as to promote the growth of the seeds. This is a common practice adopted by most farmers today. So, when the cows eat such grass the pesticides are transferred to their body. The milk from such cows when consumed by humans may pose serious risk sometimes.

Further, the cow producing the organic milk must never be exposed to the Bovine Growth Hormone. This hormone is often injected in the body of the cow to promote the milk production. BGH again has serious repercussions on humans. Thus, it is advisable to only consume the fresh and organic milk.