Organic Coconut Oil Uses — A MAJOR SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS

Coconut oil is known for its nutritional enrichment. Being loaded with vitamins and minerals it takes care of your skin and hair. Not just that, organic coconut oil also extends to provide a well functioned digestive system and immunity.

Here is everything that would make you want more of organic coconut oil –

1. Skincare — Organic coconut oil takes proper care of your skin. In order to acquire a radiant and spotless skin we randomly buy every cosmetic we come across little realizing the natural gift, organic coconuts are blessed with.

Application of organic coconut oil under your eyes every night before going to sleep tends to lighten your dark circles.

2. Weight loss — The short and medium chain of fatty acids aids in managing your weight. The Organic coconut oil is easier to digest which leads to proper functioning of thyroid and endocrine system. Its ability to remove the stress from pancreas also generates a good metabolism rate which in order takes to the weight loss process.

3. Immunity system — In order to boost your immunity system Organic coconut oil plays a key role. It contains antimicrobial lipids, Lauric acid, Capric acid and Caprylic acid which possess anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Immunity system is our body’s first line of defense against the foreign bacteria/virus hence strengthening it is quite significant.

4. Healing and Infection — Owing to its medicinal properties Organic coconut oil can heal the wound easily. Its ability to form the layer that would protect the infected area from dust and other particles makes it an ideal healing agent.

5. Kidney — Number of people suffer from kidney stones. Consuming organic coconut oil can allow them to dissolve the stone. It also safeguards against the kidney and gall bladder diseases.

6. Liver — Organic coconut also enhances the performance of liver effectively. The presence of fatty acids ensures that they are converted into energy the moment they reach the liver. This, however, reduces the work of liver and also avoids the accumulation of the fat.

7. Stress relief — Relieving from stress is the need of time. As the work, life is going imbalanced people re regularly struggling to deal with stress. Organic coconut hair massage tends to relief you from the tension. A gentle massage on your hair would let you take sufficient good night sleep.

8. Stronger teeth — calcium is vital for strong teeth. Consuming organic coconut oil makes your teeth stronger. It takes care of your oral health since it facilitates the absorption of calcium.

Including pesticides free coconut oil takes care of your health and doesn’t own any side effects either. You can buy organic from a number of online shops available over the internet. The Organic Garden is one such portal that does home delivery on orders. The area of operation extends to Mumbai when it comes to the delivery of organic fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, organic grocery items are delivered on PAN India basis. One must consider buying organic food since it is in the welfare of our society and environment.