Types of Essential Organic Oil

The market is loaded with a number of oils these days and each oil has its own labelled pros and cons. However what doesn’t go too well with most of the consumers is the difference between all these oils. We are not preaching about the basic difference that is the ingredients rather the usage, the heat required while cooking and the benefits.

So here is the list of some commonly household oils to make you figure out your suitable one.

1. Organic Olive oil — Prepared through cold press method the organic olive oil requires moderate heat while cooking. It exudes great flavors. The olives are being crushed into the paste and that is how organic olive oil is procured. Even though this oil is used worldwide Greece acquires maximum consumption which is 24 litre per person.

A number of skin benefits are associated with the olive oil. These benefits range from acquisition of moisturized skin, healing cracked heels and improving the nail health. It is also believed that not just calcium alone but olive oil also strengthens the bone.

2. Organic Coconut Oil — Coconut oil is again one of the commonly used cooking oil. The coconut oil is however required to be stored in cold environment otherwise, it would turn rancid in no time. Organic coconut oil is highly effective in controlling the blood pressure level. It is mainly used in roasting and popping popcorn’s.

Reports suggest that 62% of coconut oil is made up of 3 healthy fatty acids and 91% of fat in the organic coconut oil is considered healthy. It is enriched with Lauric acid which strengthens the immunity system by fighting with bacteria.

3. Organic Peanut Oil — This oil is usually pale in color and exudes nutty scent. The chances of peanut oil turning rancid are quite high and hence it is preferred to be stored in cold place. However, one of the major benefits of organic peanut oil is that it is free from any sort of cholesterol, in fact, it aids in reducing the cholesterol from the body. 
It controls the blood pressure as well. The ability of battling with free radicals that cause wrinkles and blemishes on skin also makes peanut oil popular than other kinds of oils.

4. Organic Sesame Oil — Organic sesame oil has the high smoke point and neutral flavor. This is also conserved as general purpose oil. The organic sesame oil is also good for hair health. It is rich in the mineral such as zinc, copper and calcium which contributes to building bones while on the other hand, the presence of copper contributes to the preparation of red blood cell. It is also good to take care of oral health. Problems like plaque and cavities are countered with organic sesame oil. 
These four types of oil are usually used across the world at assorted times. However one must also consider the health conditions before choosing one oil over another. Organic oils can be purchased through various portals available over the internet. One such certified organization is The Organic Garden which ensures safe home delivery and fresh cold pressed oil.