What does it take to be a Digital Marketer


Starting in digital marketing can be overwhelming, as the job is quite complex and handling all its aspects isn’t easy. However, in case you don’t fall in love with it, during the learning process, this line of work is probably not for you. A natural-born digital marketer continues to develop greater desire to absorb knowledge and becomes more passionate with every business victory.


The era of door-to-door sales has faded, marketing is constantly changing and evolving, so the marketers have other ways to reach their targeted groups of buyers or clients, for example — the social networks, one of the strongest weapons of marketers today. Although you may think you know all there is to know as far as social media goes, step 1 would be to “get out of the box” and learn a lot. Some marketers have a unique sense, or talent if you will, for the niche, but none of us is born as an expert. That is something you become over time by gathering knowledge and experience. After all, companies employ experts for a good reason.



Being good at your job makes you a good worker-bee, but sticking to one discipline can prevent you from growing and eventually becoming an excellent marketer and influencer at your job. Performing the job well makes you only fit in among the rest of the worker-bees, but exploring new spheres and options on daily basis brings you new ideas and widens your horizons on so many levels, and eventually helps you rise above your teammates as someone who gets the ball rolling. And when everything seems fine at first glance, you are the one who goes back and adds a detail to make it even better, even if this means going home later every time.

And when everything seems fine at first glance, you are the one who goes back and adds a detail to make it even better, even if this means going home later every time.


Digital marketers are like today’s Supermen / Superwomen with a mindset of a researcher and a scientist, and creative personality. You’re never safe after you learn something new, because you’re constantly testing tactics, and pretty much everything else, and you are constantly adapting everything you know to different clients’ needs.

A digital marketer needs to have skills of a writer as well to create interesting materials, especially blogs, through which they share latest news, knowledge and experience. Digital marketer should also have an eye of an artist and graphic designer, so that the content would be aesthetically appealing and on high level. They would also need to be psychologists in a way, as they need to understand how people/clients think, they need to constantly find new ways to create content that will attract people, please the clients and keep the statistics on the rise. They should strive to create value for their clients, so that they can battle the competition. Digital marketers should also understand the way algorithms works, as their content needs to get high search rankings; they should track all daily activities, campaigns and statistics, think ahead, juggle obligations, be honest, learn how to work under pressure, how not to lose their daily direction and how to complete their daily goals no matter what. They should plan and write down their daily and weekly tasks, but also long-term goals. That way nothing will be forgotten, and crossing off tasks from your planner will make you feel good and motivated, since you managed to complete planned tasks in time. Remember — one task at the time is all it takes!


If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared to recognize your flaws, to be willing to improve them and to learn how to handle a critic. There is no room for vanity, especially if you are just starting off. As said before, this kind of occupation requires constant learning and improving, so there is no need to be over-confident, since it can blind you, block your innovativeness and inspiration. You need to find that perfect balance between being a team leader and someone who knows how to truly listen to other team members.


The most important thing a young digital marketer should know is that social networks are dedicated marketer’s second home. Statistics becomes a part of marketer’s life, and the numbers dictate your daily mood. Even when the numbers are going down, it should be natural not to get depressed and give up, but to get an instant sense of desire to find a solution, a new tactic, to take charge and go forward. And the love… you can’t do this job if there is no love for it.