Too Much Stuff?

The late George Carlin once said, “The whole meaning of life is trying to find a place for your stuff.” Isn’t that the truth! If you move often, you realize that most of your stuff isn’t needed, so you purge. For those of you who have lived in the same home for five years, you have accumulated more stuff than you probably need. Look around you? Can you find the drawer, or closet that often becomes the “catch all”? Imagine how much more stuff you will collect after ten, fifteen, twenty years in the same home!

To quote George Carlin again, “I think there is a big constantly changing pile of things that are lost.” Well, chances are that pile of lost things is in your “catch all” closet.

Who has time to clean out that clutter pile of stuff? We are all too busy with our jobs, our family and friends, cleaning out that pile of stuff is low on your list of things to accomplish over your much-treasured weekends, isn’t it?

Enter the Professional Organizer. There is a whole industry filled with people whose sole job is to help you purge and organize your stuff. When you hire a Professional Organizer, you are freeing up the time you would have used cleaning out your pile of stuff. That large bag of items you no longer need that you just know is hiding in your pile of stuff can be easily carted off by the Organizer and donated for you, saving you that trip and giving you a tax deduction at the same time.

Organized by Greyson, based out of Scottsdale, AZ is a company designed to solve this dilemma for you. A veteran of the United States Air Force, owner Deidra Greyson has been organizing and re-arranging work spaces, homes and closets all her life. While on active duty she often had to purge, and find ways to fit many things into smaller or varying areas, often re-purposing items to save time, money and valuable space. “I get great satisfaction seeing an area go from systemless and chaotic, to structured and calm.”

Contact Organized by Greyson today and schedule an appointment to clean out your stuff.