Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Just a couple of quick points in response to the comments, why anyone continues to take note of polls is beyond me given their poor record in recent years. Secondly the Labour vote held up pretty well under Foot given Thatcher’s Falklands war turned much of the nation into a jingoistic swamp, plus the labour traitors like Owen, Rogers, Williams and their media gopher Polly Toynbee decided to do the most damage they could when they went off to found yet another rightwing party. Never understood why Blairites didn’t join that, silly me.

Lastly I am sick of people taking it for granted us older people are against Corbyn, for many of us he is a breath of fresh air, we lost confidence in 
Labour because you could not get a fag paper between its policies and the Tories.

Mick Hall