Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones


As my friend Tommy McKearney says building socialism has never been easy? And when has that been a reason for not trying? Jeremy is our best shot at that for decades, you need to ask yourself do you wish to change this society beyond recognition, or do you wish to help create a society which is a tad less harsh than the Tories, yet has within it all the same wretched flaws.

Why this election is similar to the miners strike seems pretty obvious to me. If the miners had won thatcherism would have suffered a massive defeat, if Jeremy wins it will be the same, but it will not be thatcherism but neoliberalism which suffers a setback.. (Socialist ideas will gain hold in the country, amongst many this is already happening which speaks volumes about what Jeremy has already achieved)

In 1984 socialists had to pick a side and support it to the end, it is what we do as solidarity is one of our most important weapons, many in the LP failed this test Kinnock was one.

It’s the same today, for me it will be Jeremy until he wins the leadership contest for a second time and I hope it will be the same for you. Now is not the time to spread doubt and demoralisation, in case you have not noticed what we are witnessing is a class war and class wars can be fearful and unsettling for some.

If you cannot support Corbyn unconditionally that you must do one of two things, say honestly and openly you support Owen Smith, or if you are unable to do this at the very least stop hindering the Corbyn Campaign by spreading doom and gloom.

The type of suggestions you have raised, some of them perfectly reasonable if put in a different context, can returned to after Jeremy is elected Party Leader. You're not a man without influence and a public platform, you need to tread with care.

You are a nice and decent man as far as I can judge,an asset to the left but in times like this you need to place your worries to one side and express solidarity with the only socialist in the leadership contest.

If you cannot do that I’m sure Ms Viner will happily send you to the US to be ruined for life. ;)