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Photo by Stephanie Moreno/ Wikimedia Commons

Louis C.K.—Dude, How Could You?

An open letter to the unfunny predator from an ex-fan.

Comedy at times can be dark, offensive and unpredictable. Louis C.K. was the guy you would go to if you wanted a good dose of spicy-dark-politically-incorrect humor. Since November 9th that might have changed though.

Dear Louis,

You rose to stardom by appearing to be an honest-relatable guy against the male hypocrisy that spanned the comedy circuit.

Today, I learned that your comedy riffs were just a cover for you disgusting misconducts. I thought you were a true feminist. I believed in your act. The comedy world is — by default — an arena where everything is out of the question. Comedians like you, have the incredible ability to take deep-dark stuff and later transform them into bits and funny premises. But, masturbating in front of your female colleagues, dude, that’s not funny nor acceptable, and never will be.

As an admirer, I feel manipulated, betrayed, disgusted, dispirited. I’m baffled and angry at you for doing this. I’m beyond horrified to think that you were able to harass these powerless, vulnerable women. What the hell were you thinking? How could you use your power to assault, coerce and silence them? Are you aware of the damage you might have caused to their careers? How are you going to explain this to your daughters? How would you react if some¨guy¨ whipped it out in front of them? Huh?

It’s all clear to me now why you didn’t come forward to speak up for the victims abused by Weinstein and Spacey. I was waiting for your statement. As the feminist you portrayed yourself to be—busting the careers of Tig Notaro and Pamela Adlon — I thought you were going to speak out, to defend them. It all makes sense now.

You were one of the perpetrators, a deviant, a culprit. All along you told all these masturbation-sex jokes and we laughed and looked to the other side at your cringe-worthy material. Why? Because you were likable, relatable and charismatic. Because we thought that you were a sincere comedian. Because we loved how brilliant your work was. We trusted you.

We thought that there was a separation between your art and you, as an artist. But you were playing your true self, all along. You manipulated us, made us believed you were one of the “honest” ones, a friend, an ally. But you were just trying to hide your demons behind your funny mask. Weren’t you?

I’ve been following you for so many years. As somebody who has a deep respect for the craft of comedy, I looked up to you, I admired you for your cunning talent and your quick-witted humor. I wanted to be like you. Dude, you were the idol for so many. But, I guess, unfortunately for you, that won’t be the case anymore.

I bet your experienced PR team will come out with a very crafty apology. No, I’m sorry, but there is no excuse—none — not a valid one for your behavior, for what you did. Unlike comedy, sexual harassment is never improvised — is calculated and aforethought.

I believe your fans are not going to be able to forgive you for this one so soon. Because, you Sir, you have crossed a line, a huge one, a line that should never be crossed by any honorable man.

How could you Louis? Dude! How could ya?


A former fan