Buyings Gifts during Travels

My dad is an avid traveler, and as such, I go to the National Geographic Store website to get his birthday gift and Christmas gift each year. It has come through for me for years now, and he always seems genuinely pleased with the items. Mainly, it has aided me to give him a lot of books on travel on every continent. Some have been the kind that tells you the best places to eat, sightsee and shop, but others have taken him off the beaten path and led him to interact with civilizations he would not have otherwise.

Not to sound sappy, but those gifts have really only been seeds that produced additional, immeasurable gifts. Therefore, I plan to continue this tradition this year because it pleases me to no end to know that these presents are actually useful. As he is planning a trip to Italy in May, I imagine there will be plenty for me to select from. The only downside is that the books will most likely make me want to travel there too, but my trips for 2011 are already set. Hopefully, he will visit the to get my birthday gift. I need summer essentials more than anything else for my holiday.

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