If you have not been to Mongolia, it is about time you heard about the country. It is the land of the blue sky as a lot of people call it. What’s interesting is that they have more livestock and actual people.

Their economy is mainly focused on exporting mongolian fur coats, minerals, and cashmere.

However, tourism is also an important part of Mongolia. Over 300 thousand tourists visit the country and with every year it is increasing.

What Makes Mongolia A great Destination

If you have not seen pristine nature and a country that keeps its traditional nomadic way of life, Mongolia keeps its virginity. Even with the introduction of industrialism since the 1920s, Mongolia still retain their cultural traditions.

You can walk into a nomad’s home out in the countryside and they will feed you, offer you a place to sleep for the night. Mongolian hospitality is truly amazing.

High Quality Mongolian Fur, Cashmere, Products

If you plan on buying high quality products for ridiculously discounted prices, then you must shop in Mongolia.

They have one of the best cashmere in the world and at the source, the price is so cheap. I got a pair of cashmere scarf for only $30! Whereas in most other countries it is at least twice as expensive for an authentic piece.

There are some other cool souvenirs you should buy and give a try as well.

What To Do in Mongolia

One of the top things travelers do while they are there is riding horses, trekking through the countryside and enjoying the majestic view.

The capital Ulaanbaatar is still developing, however it will be some time before the city itself becomes a destination to visit.

For now it is the pristine nature that most foreigners seem to enjoy.

There are many organized tours and guides who will help you explore the uncharted territories , so you should reach out to a local there.

Finding Good Information About Mongolia

There aren’t much resource online on the internet, but it is getting better. Your best luck is to go with Tripadvisor and hear from other traveller’s stories of their experiences and advice.

Or you could join the expat group in Mongolia and have some of your questions answered there.

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