Wanting to prepare for an adventure

As I ponder the places that I have been to and start to list the places I wish to go, I see myself wanting to return to something simple. Trekking through the Serengeti is an awesome experience and helping to herd reindeer in Mongolia an unbelievable opportunity. But, maybe it is the ongoing recession, or possibly I am getting lazy, but I want to enjoy a trip next year that is all laid out for me.

What I have decided upon is a cruise that covers the Aegean Islands, Turkey, and Crete. It is seven nighters and sounds phenomenal. As it will entail relaxing, observing, pampering, and education all things I am craving. The itinerary includes Mykonos, Bodrum Kos, Rhodes, and Syros. How much I imbibe, lounge or play tourist is entirely up to me, as all can be done day or night. This will be a very different type of adventure for me, and the anticipation of which will get me through the cold wet winter months ahead. I am ready to set sail now but will have to show restraint.

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