What happened last week: 01

A regular android developer log

# build.gradle
ext.deps = [
junit : 'junit:junit:4.12',
truth : 'com.google.truth:truth:0.28',
# app/build.gradle
dependencies {
testCompile deps.junit
testCompile deps.truth
  • We removed the restriction of one line rule for if-else conditions. I feel more comfortable with one line for some situations. The more compact the better. The eyes get used to it fairly fast.
if (something) return true;    // OK
if (something)                 // Still bad, should use curly braces
return true;
  • Android emulator doesn’t support Play Services 9.2.0 yet. Therefore we had to stick with 9.0.2 version. Here is the submitted issue https://goo.gl/mOQit5
  • Article about our documentation first development which we apply in our team. https://t.co/puh1vhKNHN
  • There is an easy way to get keystore information, especially for debug.keystore. Usually you need sha1 info for many reasons.
$ ./gradlew signingReport

Notes in general

  • In the early days of unit testing, I used to test package-private methods as well. We completely stopped this approach and abandoned it. We only test the behavior of public API. Other methods are implementation details and should be tested through public API.
  • For the new project we are using MVP and we are quite happy about it. We have adjusted it quite a lot. I’ll mention about these changes on the next logs.
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