The Answers we seek are in people, not in search engines.

Information is trapped in technology longing to be rescued by humanity. Spending much of my time in a rectangularly shaped, refreshingly green, fairly sized, carefully trimmed, neatly aligned, and perfectly flat grassy soccer field accompanied by a lot of noise is a deeply archived but the most easily accessible memory of my childhood. The noise is made up of curious minds of the creative people who possess the information I seek. The retrieval system is silence, obtained by the virtue of deep listening and questioning. I used silence to associate my childhood memory to my passion. It took years to unravel its association with what I cherish the most – human interaction. It was intuition – the language of my conscience – and silence which guided me to my nirvana while my spoken language struggled to translate. Information is within the curious and creative while the key to retrieval is silence.

My system wouldn’t attempt to auto-complete thoughts nor interests, but provide an innate environment for fluid conversation open for debate. It wouldn’t be as time efficient as Google; on the contrary, it might be the slowest retrieval method of all, but it would help retain information longer with the use of association. Association would be created through conversation – human interaction – with the help of listening and questioning. What should be the purpose of information retrieval? Is it to claim information as knowledge or to overwhelm our short-term memory? The most famous information retrieval system of our time – Google – uses algorithmic solutions, rigid lines created by if/else statements to provide the most popular information, whereas our minds’ wayfinding is more complex and intertwined but lead to deeper places full of a machine’s unimaginable outcomes thanks to our intuition. You will retrieve different types of information from a person versus Google. Technology will help you retrieve a breadth of fresh air while a human will give you depth. The soccer field was the façade and the complex minds of people on the field is my passion.