An Original Article which was published on my Linkedin Profile

As we go through life, we tend to set goals and achieve them, especially in the “overachieving” western culture. We want to get richer, stronger, look the best and be the best. Whether it’s a direct impact of the western education, technological advances or others, we find ourselves in an eternal race to achieve our goals.

Most of the people stay mediocre, within their own personal bubble, work their routine hours and run a simple life. There’s nothing wrong with having a simple life or with being mediocre, as long…


Original Article which was published on My Linkedin Profile

Summary of this article for lazy people:

  • Correct facts and sources within your content increase your trustworthiness therefor increasing trust rank
  • Having only few facts does not affect trust unless those few are wrong but you lose the advantage if your competitors are more trustworthy
  • The Paper published by Google suggests a better solution for data extraction that decreases and almost eliminates the errors of previous data extraction methods allowing it to show accurate results which are verified by human subjects afterwards with greater success rate.
  • KBT (Knowledge based trust) method…

Sweet spot for strategy positioning

For a long time now we knew that Trust and authority are the two major factors for ranking in Google and that other low quality techniques are just quick fixes that doesn’t last long and doesn’t pin you to the top results.

Trust factors are calculated not only by the SeedList but for entities also, the more authority the entity has the higher trust rank it gets for the information published. Therefor if we associate our content and marketing efforts around trust rank and authority we will be able to rank higher and for long period of times and across…

Ori Zilbershtein

iGaming Product Development & SEO Expert

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