To Whom It May Concern,

I want you to know that I am afraid 
That my feelings will grow deep enough
It will engulf the two of us 
That my edges will grow too rough 
And my countenance will become too tough
Its strength will throw you like a massive wave back to shore: 
Into the arms of an ex lover
And there you will find the comfort you no longer
Find in me

I want you to know that I am afraid 
That my sometimes silence will send you into a sadness that won’t show on your face 
but on your back as you turn it away 
and walk into the house of someone new 
With whom you will share your dreams and will meet the needs 
I struggled to

I want to you to know that I am afraid 
That I will become too familiar 
My silver will rust and you will look to do an exchange
Because I may struggle to find the girl you first met
You will become a winter in Russia in my presence
You will be like prayer candles on a Sunday evening in the company of another

I want you to know that I fear
That you will no longer stare into my eyes with passion 
That the excitement of my affection will elude you 
That you will no longer be tickled with the curiousity of what goes on in my mind 
For you will find that rush in the eyes of your ex lover 
And soon after rejection 
will come knocking on my door
Like a delivery man, 
Bearing a one liner with no explanation.