With information secured in a network of computers in the blockchain, alteration or removal of the voter data is not possible.

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With only few weeks left for the USA elections 2020, speculations are flaring out, regarding the fairness of these elections. The citizens of the USA, have not forgotten the incident of the Cambridge Analytica, which put President Donald Trump, under scrutiny. …

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By Astha Aishwarya Oriel

In June 2020, India joined the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence as its founding member. With tech giants like Google and Facebook earning a profit of $200 billion last year through ad revenues and their recent investment in the Indian markets, India has glided a step ahead to become a global hub for Artificial Intelligence.

An article by The Hindu Businessline states that in the next 10 years, around 17% of the global GDP will be generated through AI. It will thus contribute almost $15 trillion to the world economy. …

Migrant workers in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh waiting for transportation on May 5th, 2020

Suffering from health hazards to immunocompromised diseases, migrant workers face a new threat as they rush back home in cramped up transportation.

Astha Oriel

Jabalpur, July 15: As India enters Lockdown 4.0 to curb the spread of COVID-19, despite stringent measures taken by the government, migrant workers, especially the ones who are immunocompromised, are at an increased risk. Experts say that as migrant workers gear up to rush back to their native places, often violating social distancing norms, the ones who are immunocompromised are to be severely impacted by the conditions and lack of food and water.

A study analysing…


“Aurat hi Aurat ki Dushman hoti hai!”!(Women are each others' enemy)

A very common phrase we all have encountered time to time, whenever the authenticity of a situation is questioned.

Infact it’s not something baffling to see how women demean each other in the worst way possible.

We always say, that in the wake of male patriarchy the honor of women is lacking. We often complain that most of the time, women have been humiliated and disrespected by men. We often complain that men do not respect women.

But if we talk about society…


Since a few days back, a song has become my obsession. And every time I listen to this song, an unknown energy comes to my whole being, rejuvenating me and boosting my confidence and encouraging me to do more. To demand more and that makes me proud that I AM A GIRL.

The song is GIRL’S LIKE YOU!!! Composed by Maroon 5, an American pop band.

So I was listening to this song and listening is never enough for me until and unless I see the video of any particular song. So I happened to see the…


There are hardly few times, when you are connected tothe mother nature in a special way. I did connect with nature in the form of 'THE MAZE AND THE CANOPY.'


When I was young, I didn’t understand the meaning of Canopies. Infact, I always considered canopies to be a place away from the sunlight and sun rays, something that temporarily provided me the relief against the glaring intensity of sun and a place where I used to play with the sand, making myself dirty and getting a scolding from my mother.

There was a…


When I was a kid, I never realized the importance of Summer. Now as I have grown up, I know what I miss the most about this season.... I never realized that I would want those vacations on summer when I was a kid. I never realised that I would want to relive the memories of 'THE LOST SUMMER’.


When I was a child, I waited anxiously, anticipating the arrival of this particular season. The mere thought of getting vacations worth two months is something we still covet after so many years. …

I have come across alot of people, who undergo depression and still its not detected by our eyes. So these are the few signs, where you can easily know about a person being depressed.

Astha Oriel

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