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Apr 29 · 3 min read

Hello everyone,

It’s time for a quick feedback about the workshop events!

The collaborative workshops on the B2B marketplace topic, organized by Origami and CIC have been so successful that new dates will soon be available!

What is a workshop ? Workshop is a gathering between professionals willing to teach, explain and debate about complex subjects, while offering a playful and participative format. Lille, Rouen, Compiègne, Arras and Caen were fully booked from March 26 to April 5, 2019 showing a strong interest about this thematic on a professional level.

Here’s how we could summarize Workshops in a nutshell:

  • 3 speakers. 5 cities. 20 hours. 150 participants.

Valuable advices on the B2B marketplace model, many exchanges and a new marketplace payment solution.

The purpose of this event is to democratize the concept of marketplace by explaining the pros and cons of this new model, giving concrete examples of existing marketplaces and answering every questions about this topic.

Would you like to attend our Workshops (in French) ?

We know it may be difficult to attend conferences, which is why we propose a remote date for a Webinar, end of May 2019.

The advantage of a webinar? You just need a screen to attend the Workshop! Fun and collaborative, you will be able to ask questions via an online chat. Interested by this option? Contact-us.

We will also open new dates for this Workshop throughout France, starting this summer. Stay connected, we will communicate soon on these events.

In order not to miss these events, you can contact-us.


Categories management:

  • Can configure features available for products in category
  • Can configure attributes available for products in category
  • Can click on category name to go on category page
  • Add a button that link to the category page in category list

Orders management:

  • Adding vouchers to orders

Permission management:

  • Permission system has been changed to improve performances and stability
  • Admin can configure roles with permissions

Custom fields management:

  • Operator can configure custom_fields for seller / product and customer
  • Group with many custom fields can be created
  • Custom field can be only visible by operators
  • Operator can configure custom field type : select / multiple / textarea / input / html
  • Custom field can be filled in seller / customer or product page

Tickets management:

  • Add order status in ticket conversations
  • Subject is more visible on ticket list page
  • Customer name is added to ticket list page

Reviews management:

  • Review system has been changed to improve performances and stability
  • Operator can add criteria for seller or product reviews
  • Add customer review page in origami back office

Warehouse management:

  • Operator / Seller can see all the products in their warehouses
  • Operator can configure fees profile for its warehouses
  • Operator can add fees profile exception for a seller

Products management:

  • Adding a product creation form for customer without layout that can be include on an iframe in the front office


  • Api Framework has been changed : From Lumen to Laravel
  • Add a config for back office url
  • Add a route to set admin token (used by front office when iframe integration)

You have a company/project and want to launch your marketplace?

Contact us: contact@ori.network

Origami Network

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A protocol for building marketplaces with decentralized modules -https://ori.network - https://origami-marketplace.com

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