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Apr 1 · 2 min read

Hello Community,

What a busy and productive period for the Origami Team !

As you may know from our previous news, we are currently working on implementing new customers, improve the Origami software and simultaneously host and animate five collaborative workshops on the B2B Marketplace theme in partnership with the CIC bank !

We would like to focus this writing on the last point, because the event has been launched and is currently ongoing.

As we already animated the Lille and Rouen events, we would like to share a feedback about these two. The first word that come to us when talking about these events is : success.

1 theme. 3 speakers. 5 cities. 10 hours. 200 participants.

Lille. March, 26th. 40 participants willing to know more about the B2B marketplace.

Fully-booked, it is nine in the morning when the first participants sits in the VIP room of Euratechnologies main building. We can say that we are at home, because we choose to organize the very first speech in Lille. A broad spectrum of professions is represented, men and woman of all ages are willing to participate to this event and get precious informations about this thematic.

A quick presentation of our partnership with Euratechnologies, then it began.

Alexandre (Origami), and Christophe (Paysurf) took turns to present the marketplace model, the actual b2b market, Origami and a new payment solution dedicated to marketplaces.

The first hour is dedicated to the presentation, with various examples and concrete solutions to develop a new profitable growth lever by using the marketplace model. Then come the quizz time and the questions raised by the presentation are answered by the speakers.

Strong of this first success, the duo heads toward the next destination : Rouen.

Rouen. March, 28th. 40 participants curious about the B2B marketplace model.

We cannot say much about the content of the speech before the roadshow is over. We do not want to spoil the registered participants, so if you want to know more :

  • You can participate to the three last workshops, the subscriptions are still pending : here !
  • You can read our next blog articles, they will summarize the presentation on various topics
  • You can contact our team, who will be happy to answer all of your questions

You have a company/project and want to launch your marketplace?

Contact us: contact@ori.network

Origami Network

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A protocol for building marketplaces with decentralized modules -https://ori.network - https://origami-marketplace.com

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