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Jul 8 · 2 min read

Hi everyone,

This week, we would like to share technical & marketing news about Origami Marketplace and our quest on recruiting new talents in the team !

As we are strengthening our software on a daily basis, there is a lot of new features to talk about today.

These features are mainly dedicated to improve the user experience (UX) on Origami Marketplace.

Focus on the main technical developments

These are some of the features our IT department worked on for few weeks. We cannot list every functionality here, so we focused on the most User-Friendly :

  • Multi-accounts per user very useful on a C2C marketplace model
  • Integration of the Boxtal shipping service — multi-shop and multi-carrier shipping solution for marketplaces
  • Simplification of the product add formdesigned to easily add new products via the front-office
  • Advanced returns management — with internal workflow

Coming soon: new functional rules on buyer / user management

Improving our marketing & commercial tools

The Marketing & Commercial team are still working together in order to reinforce the brand image and develop an agile organization.

We are constantly innovating, spotting and catching new opportunities in order to grow with our customers !

  • Rebranding our logo & communication supports — we will communicate about it very soon
  • Creation of tutorial videos — in order to improve the use of the software
  • Working on UX (user experience) improvement
  • Implementation of marketing automation & nurturing to improve the customer experience
  • Implementation of CRM software to strengthen the Customer Relationship Management
  • Facilitating access to a personalised demonstration — a demo is a good tool in a purchasing decision
  • Working on webinars in collaboration with professionals on various thematics

A growth period need a team growth : we are recruiting new talents!

In order to pursue our work on Origami Marketplace and enhance Origami Reviews, we need new members in our team!

That’s why we are recruiting :

  • A Full-Stack developerrecruitment is still pending — Interested ? You can apply here : https://bit.ly/2RK8PyF
  • A Web-Designerwe already found our new collaborator !

Thanks to these new talents, we are ready to continue this period of growth with confidence and a brand new determination.

You have a company/project and want to launch your marketplace?

Contact us: contact@ori.network

Origami Network

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A protocol for building marketplaces with decentralized modules -https://ori.network - https://origami-marketplace.com

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