Origami Network KYC process

Importance of the KYC

The aim of KYC is to prevent fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering.

It helps us ensure that our applicants are not involved in any of the above, hence Origami Network won’t get in trouble with the French Authorities.

The process is simple for the end-user (usually a matter of minutes)

Origami Network KYC

Applicants will be asked to provide additional information for their registration:

  • First name (*required)
  • Last name (*required)
  • Company
  • VAT Number
  • Address (*required)
  • City (*required)
  • Zipcode (*required)
  • Country (*required)

Applicants will also need to upload their ID Card or Passport to complete their registrations.

KYC processing times will vary.

Applicants that can be automatically verified very quickly.

Applicants that can’t be verified automatically will take more time (1 working day is expected).

Main informations :

  • You’ll find our website here
  • Our whitepaper is available here
  • You can get involved in our Discord here

Alexandre DUQUENOY, Origami Network CMO.