Origami Review launches its new website !

Hello Community,

In our last Medium article we announced a September full of surprises and — as you begin to know us — we like to keep our word so … here is the first announcement of an autumnal serie.

We are proud to present you our brand new landing page of Origami Review !

If it is mainly a page explaining this new way to review, it will also allow everyone willing to test this solution to receive an early access, great right ? It means that our IT worked hard this summer to develop a full software dedicated in collecting reviews and rewarding reviewers, in order to reinvent a reviewing solution based on the blockchain.

But, it need to be tested. And that’s where you come in !

As we hold our community in great esteem, we would like to give you the opportunity to help us improve the solution by giving constructive feedback.

You will be able to test the solution from the viewpoint of a customer and an online seller.

Seen by a customer, Origami Review has 3 advantages :

  • Everytime a review is delivered : a reward is received.
    How frustrating it is to give a review and never receive something in return ? We think that every position statement should be rewarded because the reviewer took time to give an opinion about a service (he paid for). Furthermore, this review will be a useful asset for the seller online notoriety and SEO.
  • A reward can be spent on every marketplace using Origami Review solution
  • A reward can be converted in voucher or can be spent online for another purchase

Seen by a seller, Origami Review has 3 advantages :

  • Reviews are globalized on a unique platform you can trust.
    How frustrating it is to receive your reviews on various platforms ? You struggle to have a good rating on a platform and then you have to start all over again on another one ! The Origami Review solution centralizes every reviews of every entity you sell on (Amazon, CDiscount, Trustpilot, your own website)… in order to give your customers a full picture of your activity.
  • Every review is tempered-proof, blockchain certified and globalized
  • Thanks to the rewards mechanism, you receive more reviews. It helps increasing your notoriety.

Don’t wait longer to discover the new website and subscribe for the early access to Origami Review !

>> review.ori.network