Ani-mating Season (Spring 2016)

My son is due in 2 weeks so I’m sharing 6 of this year’s fun clips before I get lost in the sleepless abyss of parenthood. So sit back, take a sip of your Dewar’s, and enjoy.

Ian Padgham, vomit covered zombie

1. Dewar’s Whisky Fantastical Rube Goldberg Machine

If you have never been to Urban Ore in Berkeley, drop whatever you’re doing and go there right now. Ne’er has a more heavenly haven of abandoned crap existed. Old machines, records, photography gadgets… and all for super cheap, too. Pro tip: if you bring a ton of stuff to the counter they’ll just eyeball it and give you a HUGE discount. Anyway, I made this insane 7 foot tall Rube Goldberg machine in my living room (thanks, honey) with all sorts of cool stuff from Urban Ore. The theme was gift-giving and I thought that making an amazing machine in stop motion was the perfect solution (because that way you don’t actually have to make a machine that works AND you don’t risk breaking your whisky bottle). In order to film this I placed tape at the foot of the table (this was shot horizontally) and each time I took a frame I moved the table 1 centimeter (about 160 times total). My quads were sore for 2 weeks. Fun game: try scrolling while watching the video to see if you can create the effect of it staying still.

2. Tide and go seek

You can’t imagine how thrilled I was when Tide agreed to my, “Attack of the Spiller Tomatoes” idea. I shot this by covering Woodman (those wooden artist models) with clay. This helped keep their form while also making them moveable. It’s also shot upside down so even though it feels like the doctors are looking down at you, they are actually on their backs. I also made a nice little rig to hold my camera for top-down shooting that keeps the space open for my hands:

3. Desktop Won’t Stop

One of the things I’ve been trying to do this year is take myself out of my comfort zone. This was shot on my metal desktop and then at the end I decided to pull myself out of frame to show the surroundings. Super hard and I also had no idea if it would work so it was a fun artistic risk.

4. Spray it, don’t say it

Another installment in my shaving series. What was particularly challenging with this shoot was that my power went off in the middle and I had to spend hours walking around looking like a half-shaven maniac. You can follow the chronicle here (just scroll up the timeline).

5. Life of Pablo

I don’t understand why more people didn’t like this video. In my mind, it is amazing. The song is so groovy, the fact that I got the flower to bloom at just the right time, and not to mention stop-motion animation on a marionette!!

6. Star Wars: The Fold Awakens

I’ve been trying to make longer content since I feel like my days of being cool on Vine are kind of over. So after reading an article on making origami Star Wars X-Wings I went to work on this little clip. We had a babysitter at the house when I filmed this and after about 2 hours of hearing me make jet noises in the bedroom (after seeing me playing with folded paper) I think she decided I was totally nuts. Guilty as charged?