Trinity NEON Wallet Guide step by step

Justas Mikalauskas
Feb 10, 2018 · 3 min read

This guide explains how to create your first NEON Wallet for Trinity tokens storage. In addition we will cover buying Trinity tokens on Kuckoin exchange, withdrawing from the exchange to the NEON wallet and making a first transaction using Trinity.

Creating Neon Wallet and Adding TNC tokens

Download Neon wallet I’ll be using Neon Wallet version 0.1.2 for Desktop in this guide. Install and open Neon wallet.

Add Trinity Token support Click Manage Neon Settings > Manage Tokens > Add New Token > Paste 08e8c4400f1af2c20c28e0018f29535eb85d15b6

To add Trinity (TNC) Tokens.

Choose ‘Create a New Wallet’.

Enter a long passphrase (at least 10 words recommended!)

And click Generate Keys

Name you account and click Save.

PRINT THE THING and KEEP SAFE! This codes are the only way to access your wallet there is no lost password recovery after this step. If you lose these codes, you will LOSE YOUR WALLET FOREVER!

Click Back > Login using saved wallet > select wallet name and enter the passpharase

There should be a TNC token balance of 0.0000 listed.

Withdrawing from Kucoin to the Neon Wallet

Login into your newly created Neon Wallet. Click Receive > Copy Public Address

Login to Kucoin > Balances > Withdraw > Select TNC and paste your Public Wallet Address

Enter a tiny amount of TNC tokens, example 10 tokens and hit confirm and another Confirm.

Your tokens should appear in your NEON wallet in less than a minute

After ensuring transfer was successful. You understand how to use your NEON wallet.

You can start transferring bigger TNC amounts to your wallet.

You will need to have at least one drop of GAS token to make TNC transfers.

You can buy NEO and withdraw it to your wallet to generate FREE GAS.

Or your can buy GAS directly on Kucoin and withdraw it to your wallet.

Transfering TNC between wallets

Simply login into your NEON Wallet and click SEND

Enter address you want to send tokens too.

Select Asset > TNC Paste Public address you want send tokens too Enter amount to send Click next

If this guide was helpfull and you want to test the send feature. You can send me some TNC my wallet public address AaJNjPndD1p488xzW5GS5sHJZt1ZcKF97q

Find your transfer on the Neo blockchain Explorer