I just want to preamble this article by saying I originally started this article 5 years ago when I was 25 and since then I could never bring myself to publish it. I wrote it as a sort of catharsis for all the horrible and cruel things that happened to…

Unboxing and Setup of the Apple Watch

Unboxing White Sports 42 mm

Just after lunch i received a rather long and heavy box. It was my new Apple Watch. I opened the box to find another sealed white case, some setup instructions also encased in white and the charging cables.

I didn’t expect the box to be so long or heavy.

My first impressions with the Apple Watch

A new device from Apple is coming, which is probably going to define a new category of wearables, the Apple Watch. The last time i was this excited it was for the iPhone. …

The design hacker

Design Hacking

I have been to a few hackathons in the past. The best one i have been to date has been Angel Hack. It has turned me into a hackathon snob, it’s really difficult to compare it to anything. There have been other hacking events that have been really good too…

A few things I learned

The actual GUI Kit i created

Android L GUI Kit

I had the awesome pleasure of creating a Android L GUI Kit for myself before Android Lolipop was offically realeased. I had searched a few sites online including Dribbble and found there were a few PSDs but nothing close to a complete GUI Kit.

So i took it upon myself…

Ruban Khalid

Product designer @Facebook, passionate about mobile design, motion design and memes.

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