Origin Bet Week 56

Origin Supply Chain
Sep 2, 2019 · 3 min read


The #FIBAWC Draw on March 16

Evan Fournier led the charge to get a win over

It was lit 🔥, it was thrilling 💥, it was only day 2 of the #FIBAWC


  1. The anti-counterfeiting product for pharmaceutical company in Jiangsu development is in progress, the beta vision for pc has come up.And improve the performance of mobile phone vision.
  2. The plan of anti-counterfeiting hardware development based on RF-ID technology for pharmaceutical company is in discussion.The plan will fill to the ground in November.
  3. Our team visit the recycling company in Henan, they are satisfied with the plan we made for them.The cooperation is still in discussion.
  4. Discuss the cooperation with biki.com which is top 20 exchange in the world.
  5. Visited the Okex team in Beijing, talking about the new progress of ORS.The detailed information will release in December
  6. Discuss the cooperation with famous bitcoin mine pool, the detailed information about cooperation will come up in October.


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