Announcement on Restructuring & Finance & Team Allocation

Oct 22 · 1 min read

Dear Origors,

As you may recall, several core contributors, including some co-founders, have left the Origo Foundation in the past (, and recently the Foundation has welcomed the joining of new, yet even more competitive core contributors ( Therefore, some may have questions regarding the Foundation’s situations in general.

The leaving of previous core contributors, though painful, was settled peacefully. Previous core contributors did not take, and have never taken any raised money from the Foundation other than regular salaries/compensations (which immediately stopped at the moment they resigned), nor any OGO tokens. As a result, the Foundation still maintains enough funding to continue developing Origo.Network’s exciting mainnet. At the same time, previous core contributors’ OGO token allocation has been terminated and will be allocated to recently joined new core contributors.

The Foundation will continue to be transparent, open, and compliant with multiple regulations. Please be careful with unlawful rumors/slandering as they usually come in an intention of market manipulation and pay attention to the Foundation’s announcements channels for the next upcoming news.

Origo Foundation


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