Origo ✖️ Nucypher New York Meetup

Origo Foundation

Dear Privacy Concerned Community Fellows:

We now live in a world with omnipresent surveillance from governments and centralized corporations. Our natural rights of privacy have become such institutions’ tools for power control and money making. Although we have achieved more efficiency than ever through them, the fundamental question still remains. Is it really worth it to sacrifice our privacy for efficiency, and is that sacrifice really a must?

We doubt it, as we believe many of you do as well.

This is why we should come altogether, for a joint effort to explore technical solutions, to protect our privacy, to protect our rights of privacy, and to protect our future of privacy. Whether you are a privacy believer, or have interests in privacy related technology, We sincerely invite you to join our meetup.

Location: SubCulture (45 Bleecker Street, Downstairs New York)

Date: May 13th, 2018. 2pm-5pm

Attendance: 150–200


14:00–14:20 Sign In; Media Interviews

14:20–14:30 Welcome Word —Founder of Origo

14:30–14:40 Blockchain Privacy Space Investment—Vincent Zhou, Founder of FBG Capital

14:40–15:20 Privacy for Smart Contracts, Xin Wu, Core Contributor of Origo Network

15:20–16:00 Privacy for Data Sharing, Michael Egorov, Co-Founder of Nucypher

16:00–16:30 Q&A for Speaker Panels

19:00 VIP dinner (Invitation Only)

Photo of Meetup Place:

registration link:http://meetu.ps/e/FdSwC/FG5kL/f