Origo Token Metrics(Last Update: August 7th, 2018)

Dear Origors,

We know that you have waited so long for the official token metrics. Here you go.

Total number of tokens: 1 billion

Presale: 30% — Private Sale Vesting Period: 9 months starting from settlement date(distributed between May-June), with 30% unlocked on the last day of 3 months, 30% unlocked on the last day of 6 months, 40% unlocked on the last day of 9 months. 
Roughly 27% Private Sale, 3% Community Sale(No Lockup)

Block Rewards: 18% — Vesting Period: 10 years with details to be decided

Foundation Reserve (Marketing, PR, Community and Business Development): 15%

Ecosystem Building: 15%

Team: 15% — Vesting Period: 3 years with 6 months cliff starting from July 20th, 2018

Advisors: 7% — Vesting Period: 12 months

Private Sale Price: 0.1 USD/Token

Community Sale: Price:0.12 USD/Token

Hard Cap: 30 million USD (ETH/BTC pegged on the date of settlement)

These are currently all the details we can share. More details will be announced in the future.

Attention: Origo Foundation Team has specifically checked with every private sale investor about reselling activity and every one said no. If any community member can provide concrete and legit evidence of the reselling source, if any, he/she will be rewarded directly by the Origo Foundation Team. Please contact Origo.Network official telegram group admin if you have any evidence.


Origo Foundation Team