Reminder on Market Manipulation, Token Price Fluctuations, and Risk Factors

Jul 8 · 2 min read

Dear Origors,

As a friendly reminder, please be careful with market manipulators and take responsibility with caution for your own buy/sell decisions. Origo Foundation discourages any type of secondary market manipulation, including, but not limited to pump groups and has no intention to engage in such activities. In addition, please be aware of the fact that, in general, the prices of decentralized Tokens such as OGO tend to be volatile, and can fluctuate significantly over short periods of time. The demand for, and corresponding the market price of, the Tokens may fluctuate significantly and rapidly in response to, among others, the following factors, which are beyond the control of the Foundation:

(a) analysts/influencers’ speculations, recommendations, perceptions or estimates of the Token’s market price or the Foundation’s financial and business performance;

(b) changes in market valuations and token prices of entities with operations similar to that of the Foundation that may be made available for sale and purchase on the same cryptocurrency exchanges as the Tokens;

© fluctuations in market prices and trading volume of cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges;

(d) additions or departures of key personnel of the Foundation;

(e) success or failure of the management of the Foundation in implementing technical plans;

(f) changes in conditions affecting the blockchain or financial technology industry, the general economic conditions or market sentiments, or other events or factors;

(g) unforeseen regulations.

While the Foundation strives hard to achieve the technical goals set up in the Whitepaper by focusing heavily on core technology development, please read again risk factors previously notified to you.

Kind Regards,

Origo Foundation


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