Think Long, Think Big II- Origo Community Sale Summary

Aug 11, 2018 · 2 min read

To our supporters:

Origo.Network community sale ended on August 10th 6pm, PST. During this one of the most bearish and most expensive (in gas fee) week in 2018 for crypto, 92% of participants have chosen to invest the maximum amount allowed.

As a leading platform that supports privacy preserving decentralized applications, we believe that a healthy and value-driven community is the key for concrete long term economic value. Although we strive to engage with as many supporters of such values as possible, there is only limited pre-sale space.

Since June 21st, we have launched three rounds of allocation competition. 4.6% of 87K+ registration won allocation, 88% of allocation KYC list successfully invested, and 92% of investors have chosen the maximum amount allowed. Here are more details.

· 87144 registrations (some registered in more than one round) were made;

· 4.6%4000 people won the allocation;

· 3703 people passed the final allocation KYC process;

· 88% of allocation KYC list 3258 people successfully invested, others either lost their private keys or their address did not match the one they registered in whitelist;

· 92% of investors have chosen the maximum amount allowed — 2.5 ETHs;

· 3643 transactions were made by participants, and more than 7500 ETHs were raised.

We at Origo.Network are grateful to our supporters for their engagement and investment with trust. Please be patient for the token issuance date which is to be announced. As people said, time is always our greatest friend in wealth and economic value. We are working hard for all the necessary preparations so that when the general market warms up, Origo.Network can make a difference.

Development Progress is Smooth

These screenshots are from two of our many private repos. You can see how much work has been done during the past 30 days. More technical updates will come out soon and stay tuned.


There is a fairly small part of tokens unsold left, which will NOT be sold anymore. We will reserve this unsold part to give back token holders in the long term. Please pay attention to future announcements.

Think long, think big. Let’s wait to witness more privacy preserving real-world use case values on Origo.Network and let’s make some difference together!


Origo Foundation

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