Think Long, Think Big I — Origo Revolution Begins

To our supporters:

Origo.Network passed many milestones in the past three months: by the end of July, we have finished the PoC of Origo Protocol, the framework of Origo Compiler and the basic building blocks of Origo Chain, have reached a global community with more than 110K supporters and more than 70K whitelist participants, have had 1436 supporters who scored 100 points on our white paper technical exams, have started business development with more than 15 companies/projects across 8 different countries, and we are extending our market leadership despite relative bearish crypto environment.

But this is only Day 1 for blockchain and for Origo.Network.

Today, blockchain enables us to do business in a trustless way with more security and fairness. Tomorrow, blockchain will disrupt the old world’s predominant way of sacrificing privacy for profits, such as personal data. Origo.Network implements cutting edge privacy preserving technology on blockchain to create privacy for smart contract users. So that they can enjoy all the blockchain benefits while keeping their data and financial records private, a critical value that platforms like Ethereum and EOS have not provided. In doing so, Origo.Network brings to each and every one of us a scalable privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications, including finance, payments, healthcare, enterprise, supply chain, IoT, etc.

Go Beyond Just Privacy Preserving Smart Contract

Bitcoin’s unprecedented transparency exposes our transaction and financial records on blockchain and we all know that Monero/Dash/ZCash solved that problem by providing private transaction features. On the other hand, Ethereum added smart contract feature compared to Bitcoin, which empowers many applications on blockchain. Yet, we all know that Ethereum smart contract exposes all your data on blockchain.

Transaction privacy and smart contract privacy are the two key parts that most blockchain platforms lack and are the core issues we work hard to solve at Origo.Network. The reason why these two kinds of privacy features are inseparable is that a smart contract computation output often relates to monetary transactions. Privacy Preserving smart contract alone, or referred as secret contract or confidentiality preserving contract in some other projects, would not be enough to suit real world business cases that involve sensitive monetary transactions which need to be private as well.

First of all, we have successfully built Proof-of-Concept Origo Protocol on Ethereum with some running examples; Secondly, we also created most basic structure of a LLVM-based Origo Compiler for verifiable computation. Lastly, we finished several fundamental building blocks in our Origo Chain project from 0 without any fork to support minimum version of our alpha version testnet Originis. Here are some previews.

Origo Protocol on Ethereum

We have successfully built Proof-of-Concept Origo Protocol on Ethereum led by Yijia Zhang with some running examples:

· A demo of auction on blockchain has been created to demonstrate how Origo Protocol can hide sensitive data such as bidding amount.

· Zero knowledge proof of contract computation can be verified by any node on blockchain via Origo Protocol, which is an important element of any privacy preserving technology.

Origo Compiler

Cryptography primitives such as most of the practical Zero Knowledge Proof protocols need to run on circuits. Circuits are used to describe any computation to achieve computational privacy, which is the fundamental need. Even though most practical protocols require you to represent your program in circuit format, currently there are only very limited tools worldwide which can convert high level smart contract programming language into circuits. We have created Origo Compiler led by Gavin Wang to fill in such gap.

· Origo Compiler supports multiple languages (C/C++, Rust, and any frontend language that LLVM can potentially support) and is easy to use;

· Circuits generated by Origo Compiler can support multiple cryptography primitives such as Zero Knowledge Proof, Secure Multiparty Computation, and can be optimized individually, even for any specific practical protocols;

· Circuit Intermediate Representation (CIR) makes circuit representation more concise and easier to optimize. For example, the loop instruction of the programs is defined as a special type of circuit — the head-tail connection circuit. It allows the loop block to be represented with a concise format. Moreover, if the prover can provide corresponding auxiliary information (like the runtime loop count), we can verify the whole program without pre-setting the maximum loop round (which is a big drawback for many existing tools) for the programs.

Origo Chain

We are mainly focusing on creating basic building blocks in Origo Chain now led by Frank Fang and have not yet finished anything that is fundamentally novel. We are trying to build these building blocks with higher engineering quality compared to Ethereum. Here are some highlights:

· Extensible and modular code structure, which is more robust for future development;

· Replacing Leveldb with Rocksdb, which improves the read/write throughput (source:

· Using protobuf as serialization/deserialization framework, which is more error-prone

· gRPC as RPC service framework, which is much faster than normal HTTP RESTful service

· Using native Async TCP/UDP network model built with Facebook folly.

· More unit test coverage (more than 90% coverage)

In the next few months, we will implement several new techniques (Hybrid Consensus, WebAssembly, Random Beacon, etc,.) on Origo Chain with above mentioned building blocks. Moreover, we have already started designing private transactions support within Origo Chain, which will make us the industry’s first blockchain that supports both private transactions and private smart contract.

Think Long, Think Big

As a leading platform that supports privacy preserving decentralized applications, we believe that a fundamental measure of the value of Origo.Network will be the real-world use cases value we create over the long term. This value will be a direct result of our ability to extend and solidify our current market leadership position. The stronger our market leadership, the more powerful our economic model.

Our decisions have consistently reflected this value concentration. We first measure ourselves in terms of metrics such as: technical advancement, supporters and partners, and the strength of our community. We have invested and will continue to invest aggressively to enhance our technical performance both in short-term and in long-term and leverage our supporter and community base as we establish an enduring technology platform.

Because of our emphasis on the long term, we may make decisions in the community and weigh tradeoffs differently than some other blockchain projects. Accordingly, we want to share with you our decision-making philosophy so that you may confirm that it is consistent with your philosophy:

· We will continue to focus relentlessly on building a scalable privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications.

· We will continue to make decisions in favor of long-term market leadership considerations rather than short-term gain considerations.

· We will continue to partner with long-term thinking mindsets rather than short-term thinking ones in partnerships and community development.

· We will continue to learn from both our successes and our failures.

· We will work hard to maintain our challenging, innovation centered and value creation driven culture.

· We will continue to focus on welcoming and retaining versatile and talented contributors. We know our success will be largely affected by our ability to attract and retain a motivated contributor base.

The past three months of 2018 were indeed an incredible time. We at Origo.Network are grateful to our supporters for their understanding and trust, to each other for our hard work, and to our community for their support and encouragement. The Origo Revolution has begun.

/s/ Baron Gong

Baron Gong


Origo Foundation