PRUNE-HORST in Go: Post-Quantum cryptographic algorithm by JP and Guillaume

Congratulations to Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Guillaume Endignoux on submitting their Post-Quantum cryptographic algorithm PRUNE-HORST to NIST’s Computer Security Resource Center’s call for proposals

PRUNE-HORST is a stateless hash-based signature scheme that they created while working in Kudelski Security’s research team. The paper explaining their work is at, with a reference implementation at in the C language.

I got a piece of the action when they finished it, and I was able to port it to the Go programming language at I started working on it 5 days ago in my free time and very early mornings before bed.

code announcement

For hashing, the code uses Haraka v2, an efficient Post-Quantum short-input hashing scheme that we also ported to Go Haraka has two variants Haraka256 and Haraka512 which are the 256 and 512 bit variants respectively. JP advocated for, and implemented the AES Native Instructions(AES-Ni) routine in Go-ASM replacing the AES routine that I had written in pure Go. His change to this diff sped up the entire PRUNE-HORST algorithm up by ~82%!!

The port was a fun, great and important open source code collaboration between JP from Kudelski Security and I from orijtech, Inc. Thank you, and I look forward to hopefully more collaborations in the future!

Kudelski Security * orijtech, Inc collaboration celebration

Kind regards,

Emmanuel T Odeke

orijtech, Inc.