HOLDVEST closed the first round of its tokensale

The universal trading portal, which is conducting its token sale on the Waves platform, is off to a strong start after investors gave it the thumbs up on the first round of the tokensale.

HOLDVEST — a new kind of application that seeks to combine the best features of exchange, broker and instant trading service — has collected more than $200,000 during its pre-ICO. The exact amount will be available when all transactions are confirmed, including fiat investments.

The project is designed around a liquidity aggregator: an engine that accesses many different exchanges, splitting customer orders between them to achieve the best price. In addition to this powerful feature, it will enable users to access third party ICOs or launch their own, as well as trading custom crypto index funds. The idea is to make all of the services that traders and investors need accessible from one website — meaning they only need to sign up for one exchange to gain the best crypto prices in one click.

‘We’re very pleased by this early investment in our pre-ICO,’ comments HOLDVEST CEO Igor Pletenev. ‘This establishes that investors see the need for a universal crypto trading gateway and shows that they see the strength in both the concept and the business implementation. We have spent considerable time devising an attractive token model as well as some first-of-its-kind software.’ Every operation on the platform is powered by HDL tokens, with 50% of all fees received being burned to support demand.

We’re going to restructure our ICO profile, and the amount that was collected already is quite enough to continue work and prepare for the main stage of our crowdsale in June. To find out more, sign up for the beta platform, and participate in the upcoming HOLDVEST ICO round, visit www.HOLDVEST.com.