HOLDVEST: Universal Trading Portal announces token sale

Compared to the traditional shares and forex markets, crypto trading is complicated, lacks liquidity and has a poor user experience. HOLDVEST’s platform offers a unique combination of features that will change this, giving investors the tools and functionality they would expect from a professional brokerage site.

Crypto technology has come a long way in the last two years as mass blockchain adoption draws ever closer, but it’s still not a market that is particularly easy to access for newcomers. Aside from the additional step of converting funds to crypto, there are many altcoin exchanges with overlapping but distinct coin listings, varying liquidity, and each with their own registration and compliance requirements. Consequently, simply buying or selling a single coin for the best price can be a tricky process, let along building up a broad and diversified portfolio.

‘Your universal gateway to the crypto markets’

HOLDVEST is designed to change all that. The new platform — which is already working in beta — combines several different features and technologies to make trading crypto and maintaining a winning portfolio straightforward. The platform is built around a liquidity aggregator that is connected to many different crypto exchanges (as well as its own internal decentralised exchange), accessing their orderbooks simultaneously with every trade and enabling users to gain the best price for their buys and sell from a single interface.

Because every exchange is accessible from this one gateway, fees are lower and registration is only required once. Despite this powerful tech, the user experience is deceptively simple, and users can buy and sell any supported cryptocurrency with one click. It is even possible to withdraw funds directly to an external wallet after a trade occurs, for ultimate security.

Index funds and ICOs

In addition to these advantages, HOLDVEST allows the creation of custom crypto index funds, so that it is easy to diversify your portfolio — buying and selling different allocations of many coins in one event, just as you might trade shares in an ETF or index fund of stocks.

Furthermore, the platform will support new token sales, so that users can invest in ICOs and receive tokens directly to their account — and even trade them on the platform’s own decentralised exchange. It will also be possible to launch your own ICO, using HOLDVEST’s tech to collect funds and distribute tokens.

HOLDVEST therefore combines the best features of exchanges, brokerages, and instant trading apps. The platform offers exceptional security, convenience and flexibility, and is suitable for experienced traders, institutional investors and newcomers alike.

HDL token sale

HOLDVEST already has a working beta for its platform and will extend and monetise this using the HDL token, which will be hosted on the Waves blockchain. The HDL token will be the fuel of HOLDVEST ecosystem and every activity will require HDL. Users will receive a discount for paying in HDL, but if they prefer to pay in other cryptos, these funds will immediately be converted to HDL using HOLDVEST’s own liquidity aggregator. Half of all HDL tokens received directly or indirectly in this way will be burned, creating constant demand for the token and progressively reducing supply. HDL will be used for:

  • Trading fees
  • ICO listing and voting
  • Advertising (buying ads space on the portal)
  • Unlocking advanced features (including choosing order parameters, arbitrage, margin trading)

HOLDVEST’s ICO will take place from 8 May to 7 June. The project has a minimum target of $500,000 and a hard cap of $5 million.

To find out more, visit the bitcointalk thread, or try out the beta website and register for updates here.